Humalakoda is a modern brewpub – a place where fresh beer is brewed on the spot and the menu includes fresh local foods. This is a place where a beer enthusiast can see the miracle of turning water into beer. Humalakoda is also the right place for those who enjoy good, proper, and healthy food.

We are located on the newly opened Baltic Station Market and are therefore as close as possible to the source of a good culinary experience – fresh raw materials. In preparing our menu, we focus on using produce brought directly from the farm to the market.

We hope that Humalakoda is a place for all kinds of people: bearded hipsters and old ladies with gold teeth, local housewives and tourists from faraway countries. We believe that Humalakoda will be a place where you can rest your feet in the midst of visiting the market during the day, as well as a place where you can have dinner at a venue offering affordable prices and a pleasant culinary experience.